Subject: Tension relief - please read.
To: None <>
From: William J Coldwell <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/20/1994 23:38:27
Since the beginning of this project, we have had some very wonderful people  
dedicate a lot of their free (and sometimes not-so-free) time to getting  
NetBSD up and running on the Amiga platform.  Through this struggle, we have  
managed to mostly put aside typical "religious" issues that are prevelent  
during any major development.  There has been a change in the last few months  
though, as it seems religion is getting more and more to be a problem - to  
the point where it has flowed outside of email flamewars, into the the  
mailing list.  This is obviously not productive.

Now that NetBSD is functioning, and has reached a point that a number of  
machine configurations are capable of running it, there seems to be a  
division among the ranks as to which directions should be pursued, in order  
to proliferate it.

Understandably, because of time constraints, or other reasons, all  
(reasonable) ideas can't be implemented.  This is causing some grief, and  
ill-feelings towards some of the current kernel developers (mostly, by other  
kernel developers).  We don't need this.

Markus has taken quite a bit of the brunt in all of this, and is,  
understandably, and should not have the sole burden of dealing with this  
problem.  He doesn't need this.  The other kernel hackers don't need this.   
You don't need this.

Did you think I was going to write all of this, without telling you what I  
think we need? ;-)

I have set up a mailing list on icecube for the purpose of discussing these  
religious issues in an environment that is open (no more flaming e-mail wars,  
bring it to the table), positive, and constructive manner.  The amiga-dev  
mailing list was not created for these purposes, so I'm politely asking that  
those who want to participate in these discussions, to move it to this other  
list.  This new list is not for general consumption, and should _not_ be  
mirrored into newsgroups, other emailing lists, etc.

Send, a subscribe netbsd message.

I believe that we can get these issues resolved much better than the current  
method, with as little bloodshed, as possible.

 William J. Coldwell - - Cryogenic Software