Subject: Re: How to get a Wangtek DAT working?
To: None <,>
From: Hubert Feyrer <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/20/1994 17:03:48
Hi Carsten, fine to hear you got you drive finally. :)

Here's what I hat to do to get my drive 1) working and 2) read
tapes written by our HP-DAT-streamer (on a HP running HP/UX 8.x):

a) in tz.c and st.c replace the string "5099ES" by "6200-H". (Once
   in each file).
b) in st.c, search for the first occurence of "case MT_ISWTEK5099:"
   and below that line, change the "512" to "20*512". (This is needed
   for reading tapes written by HP-drives).
c) Create the devices in /dev:
   # mknod /dev/rst0  c 20 0
   # mknod /dev/nrst0 c 20 4

This configuration works fine for me, also I have to check out if
the bis blocking-size of 10k doesn't waste too much space when
using tar. I.e. when doing a full backup of my drive (1/2GB) on
a 60m-tape, I got sonething like a "tape-full"-error.

Any clues about that? Anyone?



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