Subject: Re: pages.
To: hamish <>
From: Chris Hopps <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/19/1994 10:22:00
> >>>>> On Sat Mar 19 06:29:00 1994,
> >>>>> Markus wrote:
> mw> I certainly don't want to compromise NetBSD by Linux'isms just to
> mw> get one or two of potential Linux users 'back' to NetBSD.
> What, all of them?

[Markus was replying to something I said and I want to reply to this
and markus at the same time.]

Well the comment I made about SysV etc.. was not worded correctly.
What I mean to say was I don't want the only option for people with 4M
ssytems to be Linux.  I like the idea of competition I just don't want
to alienate people that really want to run NetBSD and cannot because
of huge memory requirements.  

I relize that Linux really isn't competition *now*. :^) However my
implied meaning was that it will be in the future.  I don't think that
you will have so few users once you get things in a more stable state
(? I am not sure how stable it is actually) I meant what I said I
don't want the only option for users to be SysV if they have 4M
systems.  I also wouldn't like the only option for everyone to be
NetBSD, the more the merrier as the saying goes.