Subject: Re: Broken kernels? I KNOW THE CAUSE!
To: None <>
From: Eduardo E. Horvath <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/18/1994 14:42:10
What's wrong with this picture?  Here is my config file, generic AMIGA 
from the sun-lamp distribution, no changes:

#	$Id: AMIGA,v 1.6 1994/03/09 21:21:37 ws Exp $

machine		"amiga"
#cpu		"M68020"
cpu		"M68030"
#cpu		"M68040"
ident		AMIGA

#seems cpu-options don't work in files.amiga conditionals..
#options		FPSP

timezone	6 dst
maxusers	16
maxfdescs	2048

# Standard options
#options	QUOTA
options		INET
options		FFS
options		MFS
options		ISOFS
options		FIFO
#options		MSDOSFS
options		KERNFS
options		FDESC
#options		ISO
#options		TPIP

#options		COMPAT_SUNOS

# Graphics options
options		GRF
options		GRF_OCS
options		GRF_ECS
#options	GRF_ACS
options		GRF_NTSC
options		GRF_PAL
options		"GRF_A2024"

options		"COMPAT_43"
options		"TCP_COMPAT_42"
options		"COMPAT_NOMID"
options		"HAVE_USL_UFS"
options		"PANICWAIT"

# Options for all HP machines
#options		HPUXCOMPAT

# Options specific to this host.
# options		PANICBUTTON
options		KTRACE
#options		"BUFPAGES=900"
options		"NKMEMCLUSTERS=256"
options		GENERIC
#options		KGDB,"KGDBDEV=15*256+2","KGDBRATE=19200"
options		"PPP_OUTQ_SIZE=4096"

#config		vmunix root on sd6a swap on sd6b
config		vmunix swap generic

# manufacturer 1 is a pseudo and stands for `builtin'
master		a3000scsi0	at manufacturer	1	product	1
master		a2091scsi0	at manufacturer 514	product 3
master		gvp11scsi0	at manufacturer 2017	product 11
master		zeusscsi0	at manufacturer	2026	product	150
#master		magnumscsi0	at manufacturer	1058	product	17
#master		floppy0	at manufacturer	1	product	2

# further builtin devices
device		ser0	at manufacturer	1	product	3
#device		clock	at manufacturer	1	product 4
device		par0	at manufacturer	1	product	6

disk		sd0	at a3000scsi0 slave 0
disk		sd0	at a2091scsi0 slave 0
disk		sd0	at gvp11scsi0 slave 0
disk		sd0	at zeusscsi0 slave 0
#disk		sd0	at magnumscsi0 slave 0

disk		sd1	at a3000scsi0 slave 1
disk		sd1	at a2091scsi0 slave 1
disk		sd1	at gvp11scsi0 slave 1
disk		sd1	at zeusscsi0 slave 1
#disk		sd1	at magnumscsi0 slave 1

disk		sd2	at a3000scsi0 slave 2
disk		sd2	at a2091scsi0 slave 2
disk		sd2	at gvp11scsi0 slave 2
disk		sd2	at zeusscsi0 slave 2
#disk		sd2	at magnumscsi0 slave 2

disk		sd3	at a3000scsi0 slave 3
disk		sd3	at a2091scsi0 slave 3
disk		sd3	at gvp11scsi0 slave 3
disk		sd3	at zeusscsi0 slave 3
#disk		sd3	at magnumscsi0 slave 3

disk		sd4	at a3000scsi0 slave 4
disk		sd4	at a2091scsi0 slave 4
disk		sd4	at gvp11scsi0 slave 4
disk		sd4	at zeusscsi0 slave 4
#disk		sd4	at magnumscsi0 slave 4

disk		sd5	at a3000scsi0 slave 5
disk		sd5	at a2091scsi0 slave 5
disk		sd5	at gvp11scsi0 slave 5
disk		sd5	at zeusscsi0 slave 5
#disk		sd5	at magnumscsi0 slave 5

disk		sd6	at a3000scsi0 slave 6
disk		sd6	at a2091scsi0 slave 6
disk		sd6	at gvp11scsi0 slave 6
disk		sd6	at zeusscsi0 slave 6
#disk		sd6	at magnumscsi0 slave 6

tape		st0	at a3000scsi0 slave ?
tape		st0	at a2091scsi0 slave ?
tape		st0	at gvp11scsi0 slave ?
tape		st0	at zeusscsi0 slave ?
#tape		st0	at magnumscsi0 slave ?

tape		st1	at a3000scsi0 slave ?
tape		st1	at a2091scsi0 slave ?
tape		st1	at gvp11scsi0 slave ?
tape		st1	at zeusscsi0 slave ?
#tape		st1	at magnumscsi0 slave ?

device		grf0	at manufacturer	1	product	7
device		grf1	at manufacturer	18260	product	6

# builtin clock (should all identify as "rtclock")
device		rtclocka0 at manufacturer 1	product 4
device		rtclockb0 at manufacturer 1	product 9

# ethernet board
device		le0	at manufacturer ?	product ?

# my dear A2410
#device		tiga0	at manufacturer 1030	product 0

pseudo-device	sl	1
pseudo-device	ppp	1
pseudo-device	bpfilter 16
pseudo-device	ite	2
pseudo-device	view	10
pseudo-device	kbd	1
pseudo-device	mouse	2
pseudo-device	pty
pseudo-device	loop
pseudo-device	ether
#pseudo-device	vn	10

Here is my ioconf.c file:

#include "sys/param.h"
#include "sys/buf.h"

#include "arch/amiga/dev/device.h"

#define C (caddr_t)
#define D (struct driver *)

extern struct driver a3000scsidriver;

struct amiga_ctlr amiga_cinit[] = {
/*	driver,		unit,	alive,	addr,	flags */
	{ &a3000scsidriver,	0,	0,	C 0x10001,	0x0 },

struct amiga_device amiga_dinit[] = {
/*driver,	cdriver,	unit,	ctlr,	slave,	addr,	dk,	flags*/

/* pseudo-devices */

struct pdevinit pdevinit[] = {
	{ 0, 0 }

Is something missing?  Like most of the configuration?  I used the latest 
config from sun-lamp.  Apparently that is not correct procedure?  What 
config should I be using?

At least I know why my kernel won't boot.

Eduardo Horvath
	"Trust me, I am cognizant of what I am doing." - Hammeroid