Subject: Re: Question about SPLs
To: None <>
From: Niklas Hallqvist <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/17/1994 22:26:22
>>>>> "Gregory" == Gregory Kritsch <> writes:

Niklas> The correct thing to do, is to make this a LKM, loadable kernel
Niklas> module.  Check /usr/share/lkm on how to do it.  I doubt this card
Niklas> of yours will never be a candidate for a serial console, so a LKM
Niklas> would be perfect.  Let's see who gets there first, my LKM ADOSFS or
Niklas> your Supra LKM device :-)

Gregory> I was thinking about that.  I agree completely that my Supra
Gregory> modem will never be a viable console.  However, the GVP
Gregory> IOExtender card has two serial ports which could use a
Gregory> slightly modified version of this driver (very slight
Gregory> modifications - different offset in the card address space
Gregory> and a different baud rate calculation).  I could definitely
Gregory> see wanting to use that as a console.

True, but I see no reason why there shouldn't be a choice made by
the system administrator.  Either put an "option UART16550", or
don't and use modload later instead.  It should be possible to make
your driver fit in both frameworks.

Gregory> Plus, I need to hook into ipl6, and I really don't think I
Gregory> can do that from an LKM, since I had to add code to locore.s
Gregory> to get the in-kernel version working.

This is not a deficiency of LKMs but of the kernel interrupt services,
IMHO.  However, Rob may be right about LKM's not being in good shape
in the Amiga port at the moment.  But if noone starts to do modules,
nothing will change.  I *will* do the ADOSFS as a LKM when I get my
machine in shape again.