Subject: Re: Zeus and 744 problem
To: None <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/14/1994 16:47:00
On Mar 14,  3:12pm, wrote:
> It then hit the hard drive for about 2 seconds and then stopped.  No
> prompts, no traps, no faults, no nothing.  Does anyone know what could
> be causing this.  He said that he popped the fan off of his 040 to see

  Not offhand.  Do any keyboard characters echo at this point?  [If he
only had 4MB of RAM, I would suspect that might be the problem.  I have
had trouble running my Zeus system in 4M, although it would boot up
in single user mode.  It was when trying to run multiuser mode that the
system would hang.]

> exactly what chip it was and he swears that it said 68ec040rc.
> I thought that the EC chips did not have an mmu or fpu.  But I think
> hes got the mmu.  Enforcer runs with no problem and would NetBSD even
> get as far as configuring without the MMU?  Could it be that he has no
> fpu?  What exactly does NetBSD need with the fpu that early in startup?
> Is there a way to test his system to see if he actually has a true
> mmu and a true fpu.

  I had heard that PPI had gotten some mis-labeled 68040 chips - i.e.
they had been labeled 68ec040, but weren't really 68ec040.


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