Subject: Re: Broken kernels?
To: Stephen J. Roznowski <>
From: Eduardo E. Horvath <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/13/1994 09:22:54
On Sun, 13 Mar 1994, Stephen J. Roznowski wrote:

> Hummm, what compiler are you using? I'm using the "stock C compiler"
> from the sun-lamp sources for all of my building (GCC 2.4.5).

> If I remember correctly, the newest GNU compiler (2.5.8) had some problems
> compiling some of the kernel at -O2. (but I may be wrong about this...)

I'm using gcc 2.5.6, but only at -O.  I don't have enough disk space
to compile gcc, and I don't want to replace my binaries until I have a
working kernel to run them on.

Eduardo Horvath
	"Trust me, I am cognizant of what I am doing." - Hammeroid