Subject: Re: Broken kernels?
To: Chris Hopps <>
From: Eduardo E. Horvath <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/13/1994 08:08:01
On Sun, 13 Mar 1994, Chris Hopps wrote:

> > I have been trying to compile a working kernel from the supped sources
> > and have been failing miserably.  It appears that the sources since
> > about 031094 die inside amiga_init.c.  I am running a standard A2500,
> > and have the latest loadbsd and config (I compiled it myself from the
> > same sources.)  I have tried compiling with 3 different levels of
> > customization, and recompiled from scratch several times, and even the
> > generic kernel fails.

> Die how? Niklas posted a very nice letter that explained how to give
> more info.  Beyond that no I am running saturdays sources ok over
> here. (the 12th I belive)

I thought it was self evident that if the kernel is dying inside
amiga_init.c, there is no available information from a panic.  

The problem has persisted, and the set I am currently debugging I
supped on the 12, so the problem does not seem fixed yet.

I have managed to gather a few more details.  Though dilligent poking
of color register zero, I have determined that the falure occurs in
the section around line 392 that looks like this (line numbers have
changed slightly in mine):

>  /* invalidate remainder of kernel PT */
>  while (pg < (u_int *) (pagetable_pa + pagetable_size))
>    *pg++ = PG_NV;

The code before this section is executed, but the code after this is

My system is a plain, bare bones A2500.  I have one memory segment at
addresses $00000000 to $00100000 (chip RAM) and one segment at
addresses $00200000 to $00600000 (fast RAM).

The only other thing I can state is that when I compile a 744 kernel
on this system I get a perfectly bootable kernel.

Eduardo Horvath
	"Trust me, I am cognizant of what I am doing." - Hammeroid