Subject: Re: No "amiga" define in default compiler...
To: None <,>
From: Stephen J. Roznowski <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/12/1994 16:11:32
[Points reordered....]

> 	This will take on all the air of a religeous war soon as there are
> 	two very stubborn camps on opposite end of the issue...

Didn't mean to start a religious war....

> 	I think the PROPER symbols are:
> 	__m68k__, __amiga__, __amigados__ and __NetBSD__

Agreed. Can we get the current usage of "amiga" converted to "__amiga__"?

> 	First, make is given the knowledge of what hardware and port it
> 	is on via internal variables. I think it IS more appropriate to
> 	handle this via the internal make variables than having some
> 	poorly named symbols, i.e. one's without __, hard coded in to
> 	a compiler.

Not all makes have this knowledge. For example, GNU make version 3.70
from does not have this defined. Additionally, if I
remember correctly, things like "autoconf" use the construct "cc -v"
to get defines for further processing inside of shell scripts.

[Other valid points deleted]

Finally, we should be trying to track what the other ports are doing.
Looking in gnu/usr.bin/gcc/arch/*/tm.h, there are defines for hp300,
hp9000, i386, ns32532, pc532, ns32k, sparc.... Are there plans to make
these "go away" and replace them with "Makefile defines"? If not, we
should join them... :-)