Subject: Re: No "amiga" define in default compiler...
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/12/1994 13:10:49
	This will take on all the air of a religeous war soon as there are
	two very stubborn camps on opposite end of the issue...

> For generic code (which will probably be 99% of all code), you should NOT
> use "#ifdef amiga", but "#ifdef __NetBSD__", or if it's something really
> cpu related, "#ifdef mc68000".
	Chris D. has already said that mc68000 is not acceptable, m68k is
	the Moto general symbol. I would partially agree. mc68000 is NOT a
	generic Moto CPU, it is the first version, the 68000. m68k, or better
	yet __m68k__ would be the best for generic Motorola 68k series CPU's.

> I don't think it's the right thing to forget about the machine you're running
> on, even if that makes some things easier since it doesn't let people depend
> on "#ifdef amiga". I for myself will use a compiler that does define amiga,
> a machine-definition just doesn't belong into a Makefile.

	First, make is given the knowledge of what hardware and port it
	is on via internal variables. I think it IS more appropriate to
	handle this via the internal make variables than having some
	poorly named symbols, i.e. one's without __, hard coded in to
	a compiler.

	I think the PROPER symbols are:

	__m68k__, __amiga__, __amigados__ and __NetBSD__

	When you want to refer to ados specific code, check for
	__amiga__ and __amigados__. When you want to check for NetBSD
	code __amiga__ and __NetBSD__. When you just want something for
	Amiga hardware then __amiga__ for any OS. When you want something
	Moto 68k then __m68k__ and if you want something specific to
	the 020, 030, 040 or 060 then you damn well better be kernel
	related source or a sound thwap on the back of the hand is in order!
	The kernel has other mechnisms for the rev of CPU so a specific
	compiler define should be needed.

	Personally I think amiga, m68k, NetBSD and mc68000 are very BAD
	names as they don't have the __ before and after.

	In the end, due to this being a religeous issue, we will end up
	with the worst possible combination of things and multiple
	NetBSD Amiga ports for the differing religeous views. B^(.

		My $0.02 + tax...