Subject: Compiling from sun-lamp sources
To: NetBSD Amiga Developer List <>
From: Gregory Kritsch <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/09/1994 16:27:42
Okay, first, a comment: As nearly as I can figure, the sources on sun-lamp
do not include the file sys/bankeddevpager.h, yet one of the config files
there includes BANKEDDEVPAGER.  It results in an error.  Just thought
someone might like to know so they could correct this.

Second, a question regarding compiling things like usr.sbin:  Where are
the variables MACHINE and MACHINE_ARCH supposed to come from?  Or, more
directly, what is the correct way to rebuild an individual binary (such
as config) and have make install work?  (I'll assume the same applies to
the src/include Makefile).

Was defining MACHINE=amiga and MACHINE_ARCH=amiga in the shell an
acceptable solution (this is what I did to get the includes to install).
Someone might even want to check that these things are defined - if they
are not, the src/include/Makefile will wipe out all of /usr/include.

On a somewhat unrelated note, is there any documentation out there (other
than the source) relating to installing a new device driver for an autoconfig
card which uses an interrupt?