Subject: Neophyte kernel builder seeks advice
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/09/1994 14:16:32
	If I want to run NetBSD it looks like I am going to have to
build my own kernel from AmigaDOS.  Since I'm new to this whole thing
and I'll be developing a driver for my scsi card, I want to keep the
process as simple as possible.  Call me a spoil-sport, but I'd much
rather focus on debugging just my driver than esoteric kernel bits :)
I have read the document RECOMPILING.

	The hardware I'll be running on include:

		a vintage '87 500
		ECS Agnus/Denise and 2.04 ROM
		1M chip, 4M 16-bit fast, 16M 32-bit fast
		CSA Derringer 030 (w/ mmu)
		525M and 40M harddrives
		Tanberg 3660 (250M) tapedrive
		Xetec FastTrak SCSI controller

so--save for the Xetec, which needs a driver--it would appear that I
have all the right toys to do this :)

	Sources: Is my best bet to get the supkit, sup them to my cis
department, and then transfer them to my amiga?

	Compiler: I seem to recall reading that gcc 2.5.8 should be
avoided--but is that under AmigaDOS, NetBSD, or both?  If it's a
problem under ADOS, whiuch version is recommended?

	Any hints, tips, and pep-talks will be appreciated.

			Dave Small