Subject: Re: Differentiating GVP DPRC products
To: Russel Miranda <>
From: Chris Hopps <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/09/1994 09:39:28
> Can anyone else check these locations on their GVP boards and see if 
> their numbers concur? It should work on all Series II boards (any board 
> with a DPRC chip).

Michael Hitch discovered these for the most part already and are in
the current scsi driver to properly handle DMA issues.  Thanks for
confirmation though.  I was unable to talk to anyone at GVP.  They
kept telling me "you'll have to go through your dealer sir".  I kept
saying "but ma'am, I used to work for the dealer and I am not and end
user."  Oh well, idiots.

> )Russ