Subject: Re: My problems with merged memory
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/07/1994 10:35:40
>Is this correct?  I don't think the 16bit mem is to blame in this case
>though, but rather the combo's bus driving logic.  Have there been
>complaints of GVP accellerators not listening to the DTACK signal of
>the bus?  That could explain why my bridgeboard doesn't work too good
>in my '030 machine.

I don't know about if its related to the DTACK, but it might be.
I have the same problem with my G-Force 040.  I can't run NetBSD
in my 6-mb 16-bit ram.  I get to the single-user prompt most of the
time but then most commands issued after that result in a screen
full of trap-signals and a crash.  I have also noticed some weird
behaviour in AmigaDos when all of my 32-bit ram ( only 4mb :( )
get used up.  If I skick a Kickstart into 32-bit ram and then use
all of my 32-bit ram (copy something into ram:) then the system crashes
after its all used up.  I can't figure out what's going on.

I do have a Rev 6 motherboard.  The G-Force manual says to set the
DTACK jumper on the G-Force if you have a Rev4.2 or earlier motherboard.
Would doing this anyway help at all, or hurt?