Subject: Re: NetBSD questions/problems
To: None <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/07/1994 08:40:44
On Mar  7, 12:16pm, Patrick Vervoorn wrote:
> First of all, does the, as distributed in the last binary
> distribution (the one dated with 0219), contain the patches for using it on
> the '040?

  I just looked at the sources on and they don't
contain the cache control code, so any shared libraries created from
that source won't work on the '040.

> After installing that version and copying the right libs to the /usr/lib
> dir I get loads of trapsignals, and nothing using shared libraries works
> anymore. This looks very much like the problems I had several months ago,
> which turned out to be due to the then current not flushing the
> caches on the '040 when it should. Either Markus Wild or Michael Hitch
> should know the details for fixing.

  I am just getting the bin-usrlibexec.940219.tar.gz file now, so I
should be able to check this evening and patch it if needed.  Once
I've verified that it works, I'll put the patched on

> Thirdly, the binpatch-array util as it can be found on doesn't
> work quite 100% on my system. It prints out the right values contained in
> binpatchable locations, but when I use the -r option to actually replace
> values it doesn't do anything it all. All values remain the same. I have no
> idea what causes this. Some kind of '040 + 3.0 problem?

  I looked at the source for the binpatch-array version and noticed that
if the -r option is used, the flag that indicates a replacement gets
cleared when it does the check for the assignment format.

> Isn't there just a .tar file I can grab from somewhere (sun-lamp?) that
> contains a (pretty) current, compilable kernel-source? (ie, without loads
> of warnings, umpteen misplaced files and stuff like that).

  Tar files created on each Saturday are available on
in /pub/NetBSD/NetBSD-current/tar_files/src.  The entire sys tree is in
sys.tar.gz (which is almost 4MB now).  Until I got sup set up on my
Amiga, I was getting this tar file, restoring it on an Ultrix system,
removing all the sub trees I didn't need for the Amiga, and rebuilding a
new tar file that I could download to the Amiga.  That reduced the tar
file to about 1.7MB.  [Note:  some .S files for building the lib/libkern
library is expected to come from the sources for libc, which aren't
included in the sys tree.]

> It looks like isn't quite the main
> NetBSD-Amiga site anymore, but I could be wrong.

  I suspect that Markus may be busy with other things (like real work)
and hasn't been able to keep things up to date on  For
those of us who can get the sources from sun-lamp/agate and build
whatever we need, this hasn't been a problem.  For people who doen't
have the resources to build their own kernels, it's hard for them to
keep up to date.


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