Subject: Re: My problems with merged memory
To: None <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/06/1994 11:28:41
On Mar  6, 11:51am, Charlie Root [Niklas] wrote:
> This is what I've found:
> When running a program which suffers from the corruption problem
> under GDB this instruction may incorrectly load, or possibly fail to load,
> the high 16-bits of the longword:
> movel a1@(4),d0

  What was the address in a1?  I'm wondering if the long word access is
being made at an odd-word alignment.  Also, is the access to 32 bit or
16 bit memory?

> Could this have anything to do with the problem.  What about the data-
> cache?  When does NetBSD turn caches on, what caches are used?
> Are there known problems with 030 caches enabled in GVP-accellerated
> A2000s?

  NetBSD should be running with both data and instruction caches enabled
on the 68030, as well as the burst enables for both caches.


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