Subject: Re: Serial line speed
To: None <>
From: Michael L. Hitch <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/06/1994 11:19:48
On Mar  6,  1:08pm, "Stephen J. Roznowski" wrote:
> Is there any reason why the speeds 57600 and 115200 are not
> supported by ser.c?

  My system supports 56700 and 76800 and I had it patched for 115200 at
one point.  My 28Mhz PPI '040 board had some problems running at 76800,
but I suspect they ocurred when the GVP driver was accessing the disk.
I'm going to try it again with the gvp_max_dma reduced (it defaults to
64K) and see if it will run reliably at 76800.  I think at 115200 I had
quite a few problems, so I didn't bother adding that.

  When I had a 25Mhz 68030 accelerator, I had quite a few problems trying
to run at 38400 and had to drop back to 19200 to get reliable transfers. 
[The 68030 system only had 2MB of 32 bit memory and 6MB of 16 bit memory
(configured as 8MB contiguous), so I wasn't too suprised at this.]


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