Subject: Latest sun-lamp and as failure
To: Amiga NetBSD - Development <>
From: Alan Bair <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 03/05/1994 18:29:02
I picked up the latest set of sources from sun-lamp (2/28/94) for sys from the
tar_files directory. I ran into a road block when trying to assemble the 
locore.s file. The assembler fails complaining about an unknown opcode of
".type". This is in the sys/arch/m68k/include/asm.h file for the definition
of the ENTRY macro. Comparing against the 720 sources the leading "_" was
dropped and the ".type name,@function;" was added. 

I'm trying to build with a 720 based system. Do I need to upgrade to 744
based system first? Do I need a newer assembler, the current one is 1.38?
This seems pretty old, since we have 2.5x on the Sun4 at work.

I have read through all my saved Email from last December and about the only
things I saw related were to not use gcc 2.5.8. Most of the other items I
did not have trouble with, since they seem to have already been fixed in the
sun-lamp sources.

I want to start working from the sun-lamp sources, with the idea to eventually
rebuild from scratch. What is the quickest route to get to that point?

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