Subject: unsupported tape drive makes bsd crash
To: None <>
From: Jay Dresser <jdresser@antares.Tymnet.COM>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 02/28/1994 15:41:41
Well, I finally got netbsd running on my Amiga (YEAH!!!! and thanks to
mykes).  My main problem now is that I can't boot with my tape drive on

I am running kernel 744.  Here is my display after boot.  (I'll number
the lines to point out items)

 1 | Amiga/A2000 MC68030 CPU+MMU , 25MHz MC68882 FPU
 2 | real mem = 8388608
 3 | avail mem = 5783552
 4 | using 64 buffers containing 524288 bytes of memory
 5 | Realtime clock A2000
 6 | rtclock0 [1/9]
 7 | par0 [1/6]
 8 | grf0: 640 x 400 4 color custom chips display
 9 | grf0 [1/7]
10 | ser0 [1/3]
11 | dma0: GVPII DMA
12 | scsi0: scsi id 7
13 | GVPIIscsi0 [2017/11]
14 | sd0: Quantum P80S 980-80-94xx rev , 164058 512 byte blocks
15 | sd0 at GVPIIscsi0, slave 0
16 | st0: WangDAT Model 1300 rev 02.2
17 | st0: Unsupported tape device
18 | panic: kernel jump to zero
19 | hit any key to boot/dump...

Line 1: I believe the FPU runs at 33MHz.  A minor point, but does the
boot code actually measure the speed?  Just wondering.

Line 2: It seems that my GVP memory is not contiguous.  I have 16Mb,
but it only sees 8Mb.  Is there a way to make bsd see it all, or is
there a way to force the GVP board to make it all contiguous?  All I
did was put in the SIMMs.  Are there jumpers to pull?  Amigados sees
all 16Meg, but Avail:Largest is only 8Mb.  Surely someone else has
encountered this.

Line 8: In spite of what it says, the Amiga display is blank, and it
all comes up on the Retina.  No problem; it's great!

Line 14: This is correct, I do have a device at SCSI 0, although it is
not used by bsd.  The tape drive is at SCSI 4, and the 1.67Gb drive
(where all the bsd partitions are) is at SCSI 6, but we never get that

Line 17,18: This is where the real problem is.  Because this drive is
"unsupported", it crashes.  What's the fix?

Line 19: Hitting keys does nothing.  Is it supposed to?

So these are my basic problems:


  * crashes because of tape drive.
  * doesn't see all 16Meg of memory.


  * X windows has that ugly sprite block in the upper left corner.
    (but I assume someone is already working on this)
  * I think my X color database is wrong; buttons are "in" instead of
    "out".  I just need a file, right?
  * my Retina display is blurry.  And how do I make it 1280x1024?  I
    know it's capable because I have seen a beautiful, stable 1280x1024
    display from the Retina setup software, so I assume it's just a
    matter of getting the registers set right.

Here is my configuration:

	A2000 w/ GVPII 33MHz 68030 + 68882 + SCSI + RAM
	1Meg chip RAM, 16Meg 60ns fast RAM
	Retina w/ 4Meg
	Toshiba 21" monitor (60-90Hz vert, 30-64kHz horz, 110MHz pixclk)
	internal: Quantum 80Meg, terminated (SCSI 0) (one ADOS partition)
	external: Conner 1.67Gig (SCSI 6) (4 ADOS and 8 bsd partitions)
	external: WangDAT tape drive (SCSI 4)

Surely someone else must have a WangDAT drive working on their
machine.  And someone must have >8Meg of GVP mem, yes?  Otherwise I am
delighted to have netbsd running on my machine.  As soon as I get these
little wrinkles ironed out, I'll be one happy Unix user.  :)  Any help
will be greatly appreciated.