Subject: Re: Floppy driver
To: None <>
From: Ty Sarna <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 02/28/1994 03:53:24
In article <> (Ron Roskens) writes:
> From the reaches of cyberspace, Brad Pepers wrote:
> > I would also like to look at handling msdos disks. Maybe someone
> > could send me info on msdos disks or after the code is released
> > they can add in msdos disk handling.
> If I'm not mistaken there already is support for the msdos file system
> in the form of a gnu msdos file system. Maybe it would be better to
> try to work the code to be able to handle that instead of trying to
> totally rewrite the msdos fs.

Yes, NetBSD has a msdos filesystem (not GNU copyrighted). What Brad is
talking about though is supporting the MSDOS raw disk layout in his
driver. Otherwise, you'll only be able to read msdos disks formatted for
Amiga 880K format, which is pretty useless.

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