Subject: Re: Floppy questions
To: None <>
From: Ty Sarna <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 02/22/1994 17:28:57
In article <9402220726.AA02718@sun> (Brad Pepers) writes:
> now to try some neat stuff with it like newfs/disklabel/... How
> does everyone think disklabels should be done? I was thinking to
> either make a fake one for the whole drive as one partition or
> actually write out the label to sector 0.

I would just fake up a disklabel for the whole disk. I don't think it
makes sense to partition a floppy.

> And finally, as I don't understand the controller/slave setup
> properly - the device driver is a bit odd. It is configured as:
> device		fp0	at manafacturer 1	product 10
> I used fp instead of fd since there is already an fd device. I
> added the builtin product #10 for my device.

Pruduct #2 was already reserved for floppies. The commented-out entry
in the original config files was:

#master		floppy0 at manufacturer 1	product 2

I don't knowthat a master/slaves design is strictly needed, but it could
be useful for supporting multiple disk formats (eg amiga-style 880K,
dos-style 720K MFM, etc).

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