Subject: Re: Floptical patches
To: None <>
From: Andreas E. Heitmann <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 02/22/1994 13:09:52
Hi !

(I'm the guy who posted the patches for the floptical)

>>>>> "David" == David Jones <> writes:

    David> The patch removes the need to unlock from the AmigaDOS
    David> side, but it does not appear to do anything else.  Is there
    David> something I'm missing?

The unlocking of the drive is indeed the main functionality of the
patch. The drive lock will be a problem when the booting routines for
NetBSD are finished or you if don't want to visit AmigaDOS after
powering up.

The patch also does a rezero_unit to intercept the error resulting
from the first read access to the floptical. The IOMEGA didn't work
after unlocking the drive, because the RDB was unreadable for this
reason. When I unlocked the drive and issued a rezero_unit, everything
worked. Maybe this is not necessary for the INSITE drive.

    David> Also, inhibit_sync was patched to clear the last 3 SCSI
    David> drives.  Good thing I caught that - otherwise my system
    David> would lock up.  I have a PROTO 3393.

Sorry, I forgot to remove that from the patches. It's just the default
setup for my system.


   Andreas Heitmann  (