Subject: Floptical patches
To: None <>
From: David Jones <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 02/21/1994 21:42:16
I tried the floptical patches posted earlier.  Some notes:

I have the Insite version.  Product ID is "INSITE I325VM".  I think that
all flopticals have "FLOPTICAL" at sc_idstr[24].

It i unclear what additional functionality the patches give me.
I unlock the floptical from AmigaDOS mode.  I then boot NetBSD.  I find
that access to the floptical works fine except that I get a sense error
immediately after the media is changed.

The patch removes the need to unlock from the AmigaDOS side, but it does
not appear to do anything else.  Is there something I'm missing?

Also, inhibit_sync was patched to clear the last 3 SCSI drives.  Good thing
I caught that - otherwise my system would lock up.  I have a PROTO 3393.

David Jones, M.A.Sc student, Electronics Group (VLSI), University of Toronto
email:, finger for more info/PGP public key