Subject: Re: Looking for new kernel
To: None <>
From: Bob Slawson <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 02/21/1994 19:23:06
> From: (Chris Hopps)
> Date: Sun, 20 Feb 1994 19:54:12 -0500 (EST)

> Note though that I use the old ld to link my kernels and am unaware if
> the new one works. (kernel-ld on my system is ld.old from the last bin dist)

loadbsd rejects any kernel I've built with a recent link editor
(with  LD=ld -Bstatic  in the Makefile). I noticed that

`file netbsd' linked with `ld -Bstatic -n ....' returns
(this is from memory)

	NetBSD/m68k pure executable binary

whereas when linked with ld.old from the 720 usr.bin

	old sun-2 pure executable binary

`file vmunix.744' also returns "old sun-2 ..."

Is there a deep reason why this anachronism is necessary?  Are there
differences other than the magic numbers?  I think it would be
convenient to be able to use a current link editor when building
kernels rather than keeping a single purpose one around.

Robert W. Slawson
Dept. of Astronomy,
Univ. of Western Ontario,			Astronomy is looking up...
London, Ontario  N6A 3K7