Subject: Re: ADOSFS and GPL
To: None <>
From: Crash <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 02/15/1994 11:42:23
Niklas Hallqvist sayeth:
>When it comes to LKMs, aren't they just for providing device drivers?
>Loadable FSs, or even user-level ones (HURD's translators) is a nice
>thought, but it isn't necessary unless you care for speed.  One can
>always write a user level FS with a NFS server RPC interface (automounters
>do this I believe).  Frank, I'll soon be uploading the NetBSD ADOSFS code
>anyway, you can snatch it then and work away on r/w support if you want to.

Perhaps true, but the point in this case was that they would not be
"part of the kernel" if they were separately loadable.  Ie, they were
not statically linked into the kernel and hence the rest of the kernel
could not possibly be considered under the GPL.  (Although as I've
shown, the GPL allows for [other works which are not based on or
otherwise derivatives of the Program.]  (my paraphrasing)

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