Subject: Re: Audio and Floppy drivers
To: None <>
From: Brad Pepers <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 02/14/1994 17:27:00
> 	Anybody get anywhere with audio or floppy drivers? I saw the
> 	graphics cc_audio.c device code had some audio support but no
> 	apparent way to get at it outside of the kernel.
> 		-Rob

I'm not sure about the audio drivers but I am working on a floppy
driver. I have it kind of working (will read data most of the time)
but its in pretty rough shape right now. I had asked mw (did you
get my mail?) and ... (can't remember who else) for some floppy
driver code someone else has done. I was hoping looking at someone
elses code would help me see whats wrong with mine. No word back yet.

The status of the driver right now is:
	- it will read (not write) tracks properly sometimes
	- it is just a character device for now
	- the millisecond delay code is a loop (ick!)

I have code written for writing but am not worrying about it for now.

Tracks are only read properly once out of every five or so tries (I
think it is something to do with the sync not working).

The driver is a character device now because I don't know netbsd well
and it seemed easier than a block device.

The millisecond timer could be done using one of the cia timers but I
haven't bothered yet.

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