Subject: Re: ADOSFS and GPL
To: David Jones <>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 02/14/1994 16:26:40
> The best advice I can give is to ask someone at the FSF, by email, about
> what you plan to do.  Be specific.  The FSF will not "rule" on general
> cases, nor will they rule on gnu.misc.discuss.
	Or skip GPL altogether and just release the code as BSD type
	license. WHY go through all the bother to make sure it's given
	the FSF brand of approval/blessing? What a pain...

	Frank was the author of the SVR4 AMIX read-only driver. He chose
	to release the AMIX driver GPL. If he loads up NetBSD he has
	the option to release a NetBSD version non GPL'd, which I
	hope he does.

	The other individual did alot of work to adapt SVR4 VFS code to
	NetBSD's VFS. If he and Frank get together we could possibly have
	a non-GPL'd ADOS filesystem driver that could be put in to the
	main sun-lamp tree.

	Frank did ALOT of hard work in writing the original AMIX driver,
	the other gentleman did alot of hard work converting it to NetBSD.

	Hopefully both can be convinced that a BSD license and accolades
	from their Amiga peers/fans will be enough for all their hard work.