Subject: Re: ADOSFS and GPL
To: None <>
From: Crash <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 02/14/1994 15:00:03
Niklas Hallqvist sayeth:
>seen people ask for the ADOSFS, and I'll try to put together a package
>this week, really!!!  It'll be GPL'd and readonly though, as I've done
>nothing new for the last couple of months.

Well, I've got a question.  This has come up before, but I never
understood the rationale.  Last time, I was told "NetBSD can't have
GPL'd code" but nobody said why.

I'd like to know why.  It seems to me that the GPL guarantees that
source code will always be available.  If NetBSD has this same
philosphy, what's the problem?  If it doesn't, why not?  [Perhaps
someone could post the NetBSD version of the GPL?  Then I could
compare them myself...]

>Niklas Hallqvist	Phone: +46-(0)31-40 75 00

Sorry to bring this up again.  Please take it offline (ie, email) if
you think there's little or no interest in the rest of this group.
Heck, if I knew that the NetBSD wasn't going to restrict the code
somewhere down the line, maybe I'd finish the read/write stuff
myself?  I've been thinking about trying out NetBSD...  ;-)

PS: I'm going out of town for a few days, but I'll make one last check
in my mailbox before I leave (Tuesday afternoon).  Thanks!
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