Subject: Re: How to build shared libs?
To: None <chammer@HRZ.Uni-Bielefeld.DE>
From: None <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 02/13/1994 22:25:22
> I just wonder how i can build shared libs with ar. I would like to 
> build a shared tiff,tk,tcl, etc. library. Where can I get a manpage 
> explaining that and where can i get a ar doing it?

It's not ar, it's ld that creates shared libraries. Check out 
/usr/share/mk/ if you'd like to see how the system libraries
are built.

> Is there something bad in changing the -O in /usr/share/mk/ to -O2
> -m68030 -m68881 ?

Hm.. slightly dangerous to make this the default, as -O2 will imply
-fomit-frame-pointer, which is a somewhat tricky option to have
enabled all the time... -m68881 is already the default, and I'd not
advise using -mc68030, as it won't give you any additional bonus over
the default of -mc68020, but it just might cause gcc to pass the wrong
flags to the assembler...

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