Subject: Re: sup, downloading new code, etc..
To: Tim Newsham <>
From: Chris Hopps <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 02/13/1994 06:00:15
> Hi,
>   I just setup 'sup' on this sun (my net access point) and got it
> to work to sup the 'ksrc-common' and 'ksrc-amiga' distributions.  I
> was wondering if anyone has some good tips on this.  I dont have 
> networking setup between my home and my net access.  I will be sup'ing
> files periodically to this sun system and trying to download the
> code and building new kernels at home.  What is a good way to do
> this?  I would like to only download those files that are newly
> sup'ed each time (I realize this is what sup itself does but 
> unfortunately I cant network and run sup from home because I have
> but a 2400 baud modem).  Does anyone have any pointers/tips on
> this?  Thanx...

Hmm, either a shell script that judicously uses "find" or maybe a perl script.

>                                   Tim N.