Subject: Re: Building sun-lamp sources
To: None <>
From: Chris Hopps <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 02/12/1994 23:46:18
> 	Well, I was successful in building a kernel from the files at sun-lamp
> but, alas, it doesn't even give me the initial greeting.

My first guess is that you have not yet gotten the loadbsd-current.gz
from which is required (and from now on checks the kernel boot
verion number so that this doesn't happen anymore)

My second guess would be that the times on your files are screwed up.
Try rmoeveing *all* objects and build a new kernel.

> 	I used gcc 2.5.8, which is what I used for bsdsyssrc744 and it worked
> wonderfully.  What was the reason that 2.5.8 does not work building a kernel? 
> Mine worked just fine on 744.

Try the first 2 I think one of those will fix things.

> 	Anyway, in sys/arch/amiga/conf/files.amiga, aren't there a bunch
> of files missing?  What happened to all the *.s files in sys/lib/libkern/m68k?
> Why is fpsp in m68k and not in amiga?

There aren't any files missing you need the new config to correctly
fetch things for you like it needs to scan arch/m68k/conf/file.m68k.
the config on sun-lamp should build out of the box for you.  *remeber*
link static since you choose to use 2.5.8

Becuase fpsp is code for Moto 040's not amigas.

> R. Luebbert