Subject: How best to keep up with development?
To: None <>
From: David Jones <>
List: amiga-dev
Date: 02/12/1994 13:25:39
What's the best way for me to maintain my BSD system to my satisfaction
given the current software distribution scheme?


- Berkeley and University of Toronto are both directly connected to NSFNet.
  That means that FTP to/from sun-lamp is DAMN fast, and a lot less
  stressful on the net than FTP to

  If the Amiga kernel source is mirrored reasonably well (i.e. no more
  than 1 or 2 day slop) then the Net Gods would much prefer that I
  sponge from sun-lamp.  If I am interested in getting Amiga-specific
  stuff (such as the latest Amiga X server), would I be better off
  going to eunet?

  I am assuming that no more releases of will be

- Is there an easy way for me to find out what's changed with each
  kernel source update?  For example, a release that fixes a few '040
  bugs is not worth my time building, although it will be for other
  people.  I'd rather not build something that gives me less functionality
  (such as .744 - I use .730 for development since I can use GDB with it).

  I don't have the disk space to maintain a complete (kernel/bin/usrbin)
  source tree.

David Jones, M.A.Sc student, Electronics Group (VLSI), University of Toronto
email:, finger for more info/PGP public key